Animated GIF onto Facebook Timeline

Slightly convoluted

animated GIFYou can add an animated GIF to Facebook. However, getting it there is not as smooth a process as uploading an image. The process is sort of convoluted:

  1. Create your GIF with maximum dimensions of 500 px.
  2. Add it to the web page to which you want people to go when they click on it.
  3. Highlight and copy the URL of the animated GIF in the source code of that web page.animated GIF
  4. Log into GIF
  5. Click on the purple Upload button.
  6. Paste the URL of the animated GIF into the white box. It will automatically be saved. You will be presented with a new page.
  7. Enter comma-separated tags that people might use  to search for a page such as this one.
  8. Into next white box, add URL of page from which you copied the source code snippet.
  9. Click Upload GIFs.animated GIF
  10. Click the Facebook button.
  11. Comment and then click  on Post to Facebook button. (It might take a few clicks or a few seconds to show up.)
  12. Go to your Facebook page to check your work.

 Animated GIF not automatically show up

The animated GIF does not automatically animate on Facebook. You have to click the white arrow.

That will take the visitor to the animated GIF playing on the Giphy website.

Note the box below the social media buttons. It gives you some Iframe Embed code. Copy and paste that into the source code of any web page in which you would like to see that particular animated GIF.

I embedded it into this blog post.  I changed the dimensions to 660 x 555 pixels. You can see it a little further on down this page.

If you do nothing else, it will go to the Giphy website when your visitors click on it.

I could have changed it to go to the page of my choice when people click on it.  However, out of courtesy to Giphy, I left it the way it was. However, to help people understand “how to make amazing YouTube videos”, I added a link to the course below this animated GIF.

Free 7-day YouTube course

YouTube video

Watching the short video below will help you understand more from this blog post.


Peter Enns is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.

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