Better Videos & Animated GIFs, 20 Advantages

 More entertaining videos

Make better videos from your smartphone clips. Make more entertaining promotional videos.

You can use Mac-specific programs like ScreenFlow & Keynote. If you have a Mac, there are 20 advantages you have when making videos and animated GIFs. Then you can

1. Record entire computer screen including all movement

For example, make a presentation with Keynote or Powerpoint. Make sure there is lots of movement of images & text. Record the movement with ScreenFlow.

2. Zoom in on recorded portion of screen

After recording the entire screen, you can zoom in on movement on the screen. Delete everything else.


Click here for free tutorial on making more entertaining videos.

3. Use timeline to edit video

Below your video, you will have your editing timeline. Have all elements of video on a timeline. Manipulate elements to edit your video.



4. Make music soften during spoken word

Using a ScreenFlow feature called Audio Ducking, you can cause the music to automatically be quieter during each spoken portion. When the spoken portion stops, music will get louder.



5. Add background image using a green screen

Film your subject in front of a green screen. (For an amateur video, it can be something as cheap as green bristol board.) On ScreenFlow timeline, add interesting background movement below clip of main subject. Using ScreenFlow, remove green colour electronically.

6. Fade background image for  continuity


Fade background of a prominent image in your video. Have text moving over that image for an introduction or exit clip.


7. Add interesting text movement effects

There are 29 different ways in which to have your text moving in into your video. The top one is Squish. The bottom one is called Flame.

8. Animated GIFs

Get your message across with a simple short animation playing over and over again. This can be placed in a web page or into an email. An example is the text effect animated GIF above.

9. Record computer audio or microphone

You may want to record someone else’s finished video such as a YouTube video. In that case, you would use the computer audio. If you wish to add your own voice to a video you are making, you could use the built-in microphone.

10. Record yourself (both audio & video)


Use the built-in camera AND microphone in your Mac for recording yourself speaking in one of your videos.

11. Add callout areas

In order to call attention to a particular part of a video, you can temporarily zoom in on that area. This can be useful for things like getting more engagement on Facebook.

12. Add closed captioning

Adding another dimension to a video can help people grasp what you are trying to say. Adding closed captioning can help people follow what you are saying. It can also help with SEO.

13. Export as an MP4 file

You may want to upload a video to a Facebook page like the example here. It must be in the MP4 format. (MP4 is a media container format, storing video, audio, subtitles and images. This type of file usually has a .mp4 file extension.)

This is the type of file you would usually use for emailing someone a video.

14. Publish to YouTube, etc.

After you finish your video, use the ScreenFlow software to quickly publish it to YouTube, Wistia, etc.


15. Improve your blog

Bring new life to your blog by adding the occasional video or animated GIF. For instance, you can give

  • Product reviews,
  • Skype interview recordings,
  • Product demonstrations or other sorts of
  • Entertaining, engaging content.

16. Market promotional videos

Suppose you are trying to promote a product you are selling. You can create a promotional video with

  • Animations,
  • Images,
  • Text,
  • A soundtrack.

Then you’ll get a polished-looking video that helps sell your product or company.

17. Slow motion


You can make a video go in slow motion.  The animated GIF to the right has two images of the same juggler.  One is going at quarter speed.

18. Two or more videos in one shot

To create the above video, I created two MP4 videos.  One was regular speed and the other was slow motion.  Each were half the width of most of my videos.  Then I dragged each of the MP4 videos from my desktop into a single Keynote slide.  Then I recorded it with ScreenFlow & saved it as an animated GIF.

19. Video transitions when changing topics

When changing topics in a video, you might want to overlap two clip snippets and insert what is called a transition.  That is an unusual change to the screen to indicate to the viewer that a change is happening. For instance, you might want to indicate that some time has lapsed between events.

There are 38 different transitions from which to choose.

20. Add solid shapes

In order to emphasize words, numbers, etc., you can add solid shapes such as the ones you see in this example.




Peter Enns is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.

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Peter Enns is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.

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