Create Animated GIFs for a Special Promotion

Creating the Okanagan Quiz animated GIFs

These are the 2 animated create animated GIFs GIFs that make the Okanagan Quiz look more professional. This post tells how tocreate animated GIFs.


create animated GIFs






This is the animated GIF that was used in the explanation of how to make a quiz of any type on a WordPress page. Notice how subtle the movement is.

Create animated GIFs for the Okanagan Quiz

create animated GIFsThese two animated GIFs were on opposite sides of the page. They made the page appear more professional.

create animated GIFs

The two animated GIFs had a total of two pictures. When picture #1 appeared in on the left side, picture #2 appeared on the right side and vice versa.

A Keynote Confetti effect was used to transition from one picture to the other.

This is how to create animated GIFs pictured above.

1. Add city picture to Keynote slide

create animated GIFsDrag the right and bottom margins of Keynote so that the height & width are about the same. Add your picture of the city to a Keynote slide. Drag it so that it fits the entire width.

Note that an animated GIF cannot be greater than 2 MB in size. So, it may be necessary to use a program such as GIMP to make the city picture smaller.

2. Give photo confetti effect

create animated GIFs



Click Inspector icon & give photo a Confetti build in effect that lasts one second. Then give the photo a Confetti build out effect.




3. Drag 2nd picture into Keynote slide

  • create animated GIFsDrag picture of railway bridge into a second Keynote slide.
  • Give it a Confetti build in effect.
  • Then give it a Confetti build out effect.

4. Record Keynote slides with ScreenFlow

  • create animated GIFsOpen ScreenFlow
  • Select first Keynote slide
  • Click Play button
  • Click a few times until finished
  • Stop recording
  • Save video with a descriptive name

5. Copy video clips into clipboard

  • create animated GIFsSelect video clip on your ScreenFlow timeline
  • Move slider back and forth until you see a white segment
  • Right click on clip and click on Split Clips to remove the white area
  • Select the two clips
  • Cmd C to copy them into clipboard

6. Paste into new ScreenFlow document

  • create animated GIFsClick ScreenFlow > New & open a new document
  • Preset is custom with maximum width of 500 px each
  • Click icon in bottom middle of panel to open new document
  • Cmd V to paste clips into new document
  • Move second clip to front of first clip. This will make one picture open in animated GIF #1 at the same time that the other is opening in animated GIF #2.
  • Rename video with same descriptive name with digit 2 after it

7. Finishing touches

  • Watch the entire short video. There will likely be too much time devoted to Confetti effect
  • Use split clip to delete excess
  • Use icon on left in this timeline image to expand the clips. Then make sure each
    of the 2 videos are exactly the same length. In the example they are 8 and 8 thirtieths of a second.
  • Save each of the videos
  • File > Export
  • Make sure you like the name, click on Animated GIF > Export.
  • In this example your animated GIF will be saved in your desktop.
  • Insert your two animated GIFs on a web page like the example at the top of this section.

Create animated GIFs with subtle radio buttons

This is how to create the Okanagan Quiz Radio Buttons animated GIF.

1. Record quiz with ScreenFlow

  • create animated GIFsStart ScreenFlow.
  • Open quiz.
  • Click the radio buttons starting from A and going down to D.
  • The whole process should be smooth and take less than 6 seconds.
  • Stop ScreenFlow & save with a descriptive name.

2. Export as an MP4 file

  • create animated GIFsChange the margins so that the canvas width is 1920 pixels and the height is barely enough to contain quiz question #1.
  • Export it as an MP4 file.
  • Save it with a descriptive name.

3. Drag MP4 file & photo into Keynote slide

  • Open a new Keynote slide.
  • Using a ruler, drag right edge so that length & height are approximately the same.
  • Drag & drop your new MP4 file onto your keynote slide.
  • Size it so that it fits entire length of slide.
  • Drag photo onto same slide.
  • Give the photo the Keynote Effect of None
  • Give the MP4 file the Keynote Effect of Start Movie
  • Size it so that it fits entire length of slide. Save with descriptive name.

4. Create animated GIFs with ScreenFlow

  • create animated GIFsOpen ScreenFlow.
  • Click the Keynote Play button.
  • Record the video until the radio buttons have been filled starting from the top & going to the bottom.
  • Stop ScreenFlow.
  • Change the canvas to 500 x 500 pixels.
  • You will like have to reduce the height of video to fit into canvas.
  • Save video with a descriptive name.
  • Export as animated GIF.

Special notes about size

You will not be able to import an animated GIF into a WordPress page if it is more than 2 MB. If your animated GIF ends up being more than 2 MP, you may want to use GIMP to make that photo smaller. Then remove your old  photo from Keynote and add the new one. From that point, reproduce whatever is necessary from points 3 & 4 above.



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