Distinctive Style for Your Videos

                  Lesson 7

What makes you unique?

distinctive nailsIn order to be different from other people, you should do something to make your YouTube videos unique and distinctive. Lesson 6 has a video made by the highest YouTube earner of 2014.

What made her different?

  • Every video involves opening Disney toy packages
  • She speaks with a soft Brazilian accent
  • She has unusual attractive nail decoration.

Creating a distinctive branded introduction

That unique branded introduction can be found in each one of the recent videos in the Web Design channel. Branding the videos in this way increases the value of each one. People place extra value on a video if they see it is part of a particular series.

Play this branded intro now.

How to create a branded introduction

In lesson 2 you went to bit.ly/nocostimages to get free photos for your lesson.

  • Go to same website now
  • Click on Stock Footage tab
  • Search for word “abstract”
  • Hover over the various videos
  • When you see one you are more interested in, click on it to get a slightly larger view.
  • After you find one you wish to work with, record it with ScreenFlow
  • distinctiveSave work with a descriptive name
  • Change aspect ratio of new video to 1920 x 1080
  • (Note that, unless you pay for it, there will be a watermark on your video)
    • So, you will never upload that one to YouTube
    • You will do no more than save it as an MP4 file
  • Manipulating video in same manner that I manipulated my DNA double helix video
  • To begin making branded intro, pick length of video that seems to be ideal
  • Save it as an MP4 file
  • Drag it onto a Keynote slide, size it and give it a descriptive name
  • Decide upon text you want
  • The spoken text for the Web Design YouTube channel is “another Web Design video”
  • So, I chose the 2 most important words — Web Design
  • Choose text for your intro
  • distinctiveJustify it left and offset the top & bottom words
  • Arrange the words artistically in relation to the rest of the graphic
  • Finalize your word placement by adjusting the line spacing
  • Build in your words with an interesting effect such as Blast
  • Do not make them come in too quickly — 3 seconds may be a good time
  • Colour your words to match rest of image
  • Click Play button to check work
  • If you like your work, start recording with ScreenFlow and play it again
  • Save your work with a descriptive name and save your new branded intro as a 1920 x 1080 pixel video
  • Now you want to add a music clip that lasts the same amount of time as your branded intro
  • Go to YouTube, click Help button at bottom of page, search for free music and click on Audio Library
  • distinctive""Choose an appropriate genre and mood of music
  • Click on black triangles in Tracks column to listen to music
  • It would be too awkward to attribute the source every time your little six-second intro is played
  • So, do not choose any music clips that have an icon of man with a circle around him
  • After you have found music clip you want, click black download button in right-hand column
  • Open up the Downloads folder in Finder
  • distinctiveDrag your new music clip into one of your ScreenFlow timelines
  • Isolate the six seconds of music you want to keep
  • Discard the rest of the music clip
  • In all likelihood your music clip ends suddenly in a distracting manner
  • Here’s one thing you can do to fix that
  • Split clip so that you isolate the last second of music
  • distinctiveSelect that last second, change volume percent to 65 and press tab button
  • Split small clip and isolate last 75% of it
  • Change volume percent to 50 and press tab button
  • Split the new last snippet, isolating the last two thirds of it
  • Change the volume percent to 35 and press the tab button
  • Split the new last snippet, isolating the last half of it
  • Change the volume percent to 20 and press the tab button
  • Add the six seconds of music to your branded intro and save it in a very safe place such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Developing Your Distinctive Style video

To help you understand all of the above bullet points, you may want to watch the YouTube video below.

Lesson 7 homework

  1. Go to bit.ly/nocostimages
  2. Click on the Videos tab
  3. Search for a term that relates to one of your YouTube channels
  4. Using ScreenFlow, record one of the videos you like.
    1. (It will likely have a watermark on it.  That’s OK.)
  5. Use that video to create a six-second branded intro for the YouTube channel to which it relates
  6. Build in the appropriate words with the Blast effect
  7. Make sure the words are artistically coloured
  8. Get some music from YouTube and add it to the branded intro
  9. Make sure the music fades away properly
  10. Save your branded intro as an MP4 file.

After you finish lesson 7, you will be given the password to open up The Bonus Lesson. As you may recall from lesson 1, for the Bonus Lesson, you will learn how to make the two companion animated GIFs below.


The two animated GIFs above are very complex to create. You will likely need lots of practice making YouTube videos & animated GIFs before you can create something of this calibre.

If you want to start The Bonus Lesson now, fill in the form below. Under Comments write: Please send password for bonus lesson.