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Facebook marketingTo market your business on Facebook, you must remember that this is SOCIAL media. You don’t want to be blatantly selling something. You will turn people off & they will stop reading your posts. So have posts with entertainment value. Today’s Facebook marketing tip is about math puzzles.

Creating a math puzzle in 6 steps

1. Draw puzzle on scrap paper

Facebook marketing


Your first step is to draw the math puzzle on scrap paper. Then ask someone what they think about it. (It may be too easy or too hard.)

2. Decide upon your colour scheme

My main colour was magenta. So, I did an online search for “hexadecimal magenta triad”.

Among other things, I found a list of colours that complement magenta. I choose the 3 colours in the lower right-hand corner as the colours for my math puzzle.

3. Create your puzzle components

Facebook marketingYou will be creating the puzzle using Keynote. I used GIMP to create three 500 x 500 px. rectangles. I made one magenta box using #ff00ff. I made two green boxes using #00ff80. Then I isolated a sliver of each green box to create horizontal & vertical lines.


4. Move puzzle components onto Keynote

Facebook marketingUsing a ruler, drag the horizontal & vertical edges of Keynote so that they are the same length. Drag the magenta PNG file onto a Keynote slide & drag edges to fill the box. Drag the green lines in like you see in this illustration.


5. Add numbers & question marks

Facebook marketingAdd your widest component first. Here it is the number 256. Bold it & click Alt+ to expand it. Change the text colour to #80ff00. (This process is explained in the YouTube video below.)

Then add the other 2 numbers & the question marks.

Add the Keynote effects to the components. This is also described in the video.

6. Record with ScreenFlow

Start ScreenFlow and then click the Keynote play button. After recording, save video with a descriptive name. Change video size to 500 x 500 pixels. Edit it and then export as an animated GIF file.

Facebook marketing with Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

To upload to Instagram from your desktop, change your animated GIF into an MP4 file. Then upload it using Uplet. I used a minimum of 11 hashtags in the comment following the post of MP4 file.

The Twitter post had a link to this web page.  The hashtags were #Facebook & #FacebookMarketing. According to Hashtagify, 68.5% of the tweets that use that second hashtag also use the first hashtag.


This Facebook post tells people to go to a Facebook page for the answer key. On that page are comments that SUBTLY promote products. Click on the image to go there now.

Facebook marketing with YouTube

This YouTube video will tell people to go to this website. Visitors will see my advertising.


Facebook marketingHexadecimal codes are HTML codes using 6 alphanumerical characters each. To the right you see examples of 3 different hexadecimal codes. Each code is printed in the colour it represents.

When a browser such as Google Chrome sees the HTML code of your website, it changes your website accordingly. For instance, if you wish to create a sentence coloured magenta, you could use the HTML code below.

<p style=”color: #ff00ff;”>This is the hexadecimal code that would product magenta text: #ff00ff</p>

Read more about magenta and hexadecimal codes.

To change your text back to black, you would use HTML tags like the examples below.

<p style=”color: #ffffff;”>These are the HTML tags that would produce black text</p>.

For many colours (such as these) you can substitute the name of the colour for the hexadecimal code.

<p style=”color: black;”>These are the HTML tags that would produce black text</p>.

Read next section to learn about changing colors without knowing the hexadecimal code.

Changing text colour to match a picture

Suppose you wanted to change the text color in this photo to match the posts beside the path. This is how to do it.

You start by opening Keynote.

Then you

    • Drag the picture above into a
      Keynote slide
    • Add the text
    • Select the text
    • Click on the color icon
    • Click Show Colors at the bottom of your color panel
    • Click on the eye dropper like the one you see at the bottom of the color panel to the right

    • Move your new magnifying circle over a post
    • When the tiny black dot is over the precise color you want, click your mouse button

  • Your text will immediately change color.

YouTube video

The above information is presented in a very short YouTube video.


Animated GIF

Notice how the text in this animated GIF is the same color as one of the gears.

Facebook marketing & social media

In this article you have seen how you can use math puzzles to promote a product on Facebook. At the same time, you can add to the promotion using Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Peter Enns has been developing websites since 1996. He is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.

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