Callout & Sparkle In with Sound Effects — Lesson 2

Manipulating free pictures

calloutIn this lesson you will use or to  download some free pictures. They will Sparkle in one at a time onto a Keynote screen. Then you will change your font settings. A few words appear with a Fly In effect. Final picture will be highlighted with a callout.

You will record the motion in your Keynote slide using ScreenFlow. You will edit your video, add sound effects and highlight the main picture with a Callout effect.

(Later on in this tutorial you will also learn how to make animated GIFs.)

The project

  • Assume your employer had a picture contest
  • People are to submit their best picture of a tree
  • Judges have found four runners up and declared a winner. Your job is to create an eleven second video showing the runners up and the winner.

Below is a sample for you to create in this lesson. Watch it now.

Getting started making your callout

  • Need 5 pictures of trees.
  • Go to
  • (Note: You have to register & login with the website in order to download free pictures. There is not charge to register.)
  • Enter “tree” into search window
  • Each time you see a tree picture you like, click on it
  • Click Download button
  • It will be copied into Downloads folder in your hard drive
  • Open new Keynote presentation with White theme
  • Click on View > Show Rulers to add rulers
  • Slide right-hand edge to #44
  • Slide bottom margin to #22
  • Drag photos one at a time to a Keynote slide
  • Clicking on photos in order you would like them to appear, give each a one second Sparkle effect
  • Type “The Winning Tree” under the fifth tree
  • Select the text
  • Below the Play button, you will see a dropdown box with your choice of fonts
  • Select Handwriting
  • Give text a three second Fly In effect from right to left
  • Open ScreenFlow and click Play button repeatedly to record your presentation
  • (If you have any problems with these instructions, review lesson 1.)
  • Edit video so that it is right size and around 10 seconds long

Important note: As you are editing, you often delete clips. If you accidentally delete the wrong clip, press Cmd Z to restore.

  • Now add callout to winning tree area
  • A video clip on the timeline must be selected
  • Click callout icon > Action > OK
  • calloutClick Freehand radio button
  • Move Size slider to select size of callout
  • Move cursor to point you wish to callout
  • If you wish, can slide cursor around or else move and click repeatedly to make a larger area
  • Move  Opacity slider to make background lighter
  • Move Zoom Up slider to make callout slightly larger
  • Save work
  • If you do not have a YouTube account, make one using instructions from this video
  • Go to very bottom of YouTube page and click on Help button
  • Search for free music
  • Click on “get music from audio library” > Audio Library > Sound effects
  • Enter “drum roll” into search box
  • Listen to it by clicking on triangle in Sounds column
  • Click on down arrow on extreme right to download the sound effect into your Downloads folder
  • Drag  drum roll from your Downloads folder onto ScreenFlow timeline
  • Right click on  drum roll clip in order to split it and isolate one of the drum rolls
  • Use Clip Inspector to make drum roll faster
  • Cymbal does not sound right at high speed
  • Split the cymbal sound off and make it last longer
  • Have the drum roll show up as soon as “The Winning Tree” finishes rolling in.

This lesson as a YouTube video

Animated GIFs

To learn how to make animated GIFs such as the one to the right, go to the Animated GIFs in 6 Steps blog post.

  • Interested in knowing how to make the scrolling text at the bottom of a video?
  • Go to the Scrolling Text blog post
  • It may be too difficult
  • Don’t spend more than an hour on it. Then, at the end of each of the other lessons, try again until you have figured it out.

MP4 files

To create animated GIFs, you often need to use MP4 files. Those are a standard developed to share video files on the Internet. An MP4 file was used for the portion of the video above that had the scrolling text.

How to change a video to an MP4 file:

  • Open ScreenFlow
  • Create a video
  • Click File > Export
  •  Have preset at Web-High
  • Give it a descriptive name & Export

Uploading to YouTube

  • To upload videos to YouTube, need a YouTube account
  • Search online to find out how to open a YouTube account
  • Keep in mind that Google owns YouTube
  • You will use your Google username & password for YouTube
  • Once you have your Youtube account, use ScreenFlow to publish a video to YouTube:
  1. Open your video in ScreenFlow
  2. Click File > Publish to > YouTube. The rest is self-explanatory.

Lesson #2 homework

  • Download 5 flower pictures from
  • Make a 10-second video in which they show up one at a time with a Sparkle effect
  • Have some text
  • Add a Fly In effect
  • Callout one of the flowers
  • Get free music from YouTube
  • Add a 10-second clip of the music to your video.
  • After you are satisfied that your new video is appropriately finished, upload it to YouTube.

Go to lesson 3.