Phone Videos to YouTube Videos — Lesson 4

Smartphone videos 

In this lesson you will upload phone videos into your desktop computer and use them to create an entertaining YouTube video.

24 steps to change phone videos into entertaining YouTube videos

phone videos

  1. Plug smartphone into your desktop computer
  2. After a short while, the names of all of your images and videosphone videos will appear on your desktop
  3. Start recording your desktop screen with ScreenFlow
  4. Double-click on one of your MP4 files
  5. Enlarge the movie to fit your entire computer screen
  6. One at a time, open up all related MP4 files. Record each one of themphone videos in its entirety using ScreenFlow
  7. Use Clip Inspector to speed up some segments of the movie
  8. Play related MP4 files
  9. Select clips that would work for the video you wish to create
  10. Create a background image for the phone videos title page. Select the MP4 file in Keynote & reduce the Opacity to 40%
  11. Then add a title, select it and display it with a built-in Blast effect
  12. After you have finished the video from point #9, add the title snipped to the beginning and add free music
  13. Upload video to YouTube
    1. (You may not have a YouTube account. If that’s the case, search Google and find out how to phone videoscreate one.)
  14. If you have good enough videos, people will subscribe to them
  15. They will likely want to see only related videos.
  16. So, create a new channel for every different subject area
  17. Go to
  18. Click on “create a new channel”
  19. Give it a descriptive name
  20. Give it a description
  21. Now upload your video to YouTube
  22. Click File > Publish To > YouTube
  23. Sign out and sign in again in order to switch to your new channel.

Easy-to-remember web address in 8 steps

  1. Now let’s change the YouTube video’s complex URL to a simple name
  2. Copy the URL into your clipboard
  3. Go to
  4. Click the Create Bitlink button
  5. Press Cmd V to paste the URL into the box
  6. Change the last part of the new URL into something memorable
  7. The example here says “Drone Movie”
  8. In this example, you would email your family members and tell them to go to

YouTube video

The complex video below shows you how to create a YouTube video video using phone videos. It is best to hit your pause button often while watching it.

Lesson 4 homework

Download a minimum of 2 phone videos into your desktop computer. Use some or all of those videos to create an entertaining YouTube video.

Make sure:

  • The title shows up with a Blast effect
  • The background image of the title page has its opacity reduced to 40%
  • Clip Inspector was used to speed up a clip
  • Clip Inspector was used to slow down a clip
  • You add free YouTube music use proper audio ducking techniques
  • You create a new YouTube channel for your new video
  • Your new YouTube video has a bitly address.

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