Logo Design, Begin with Descriptive & Simple

Logo creation

logo designAs far as the logo design is concerned, I want it to be simple and descriptive. I had to create a logo for 7 Day YouTube.
This is a free online course teaching people how to make their own YouTube videos. There are 7 lessons — one for each of 7 days. The idea is that after 7 days, they would be able to make a variety of entertaining YouTube videos.

Descriptive element of logo design

Let’s talk about the descriptive element of logo design first. The 3 most important words in the description of the course are 7, days and YouTube. So, I’ll make days into an adjective and make a logo combining 7, day and YouTube.


There are only 3 graphic elements. That also gives us the simple. With 3 simple elements people are being told that, within 7 days, they can learn how to make YouTube videos.

I used a free photo editing program called GIMP. That is a program similar to Photoshop.

Font information

After much experimenting, I came up with a large 7 with Day and YouTube printed on top of it. Following is the information about the fonts:

  • 7 — Name: Phosphate
  • HTML colour notation: 9a0f0f
  • Size: 400 pixels


  • YouTube & Day — Name: Muna PUA Heavy
  • HTML colour notation: 11703c
  • Size: 45 pixels

How to create that light red 7

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to create that light red #7 with GIMP.

Static image vs. animated GIF

logo designI made my first logo using GIMP. The process is described above.

The words YouTube & Day were created using the Muna PUA Heavy font.

Then I decided to create the same logo as an animated GIF with a website URL moving in at the bottom. This created a minor problem.

logo designI used Keynote to create the graphics. Muna PUA Heavy font is not available in Keynote.

logoSo, I had to search the Keynote fonts to find one that was similar.

I found one called Stone Sans ITC TT. Can you tell the difference?

Moving logo design info

The green text cannot be moved into Keynote as PNG files. The invisible background will have changed to white. So, it is necessary to create the green text over again with Keynote.

There are 4 graphic components in the animated GIF above:

  • Red #7 with a white background
  • Day
  • YouTube
  • bit.ly/7dayyoutube

Here is the descriptive information for each  component:

  • logo design#7
    • Because it is the background image, you can use the original PNG file
    • Spin Action to 50% for 1 second
  • Day & YouTube
    • Font: Stone Sans ITC TT
    • Size: 54 pixels
    • Colour: Green from colour picker
    • Blast effect for 1 second
  • bit.ly/7dayyoutube
    • Gill Sans 42 point font
    • Fly In effect from right to left for 3 seconds


Peter Enns is a social media blogger and author of the free YouTube video-creation tutorial called 7 Day YouTube.

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