YouTube Monetization — Lesson 6

Seven YouTube monetization techniques

1. Unboxing

Disney Collector is part of a new, highly lucrative genre of online videos called “unboxing.” Unboxers  will decide on a set of consumer items, from electronics to makeup, and discuss a given product’s parts and features.

The image above is from the Fusion website. Those fingers are unboxing a Disney toy. The Fusion website says that the creator of the video below is “the highest YouTube earner of 2014.  [They] made nearly $5 million just by opening Disney toy packages.” The video below has had over 267 million views.

Create amazing unboxing videos using ScreenFlow.

2. Affiliate marketing 

In this model you promote a product with which you are affiliated.  This means that you have a unique affiliate code that will give you a commission for each sale.  The YouTube video will suggest that visitors go to a particular website. The website will have a link to a page where people can buy the product.  The link will have your affiliate code. When the sale is made, money automatically is credited to you.

Go to affiliate websites such as ClickBank for product ideas.

3. Sell your own products

Make YouTube videos about your products. Search engine optimize your videos.   Sell them using a platform such as Shopify.

You probably know lots of things about some subject that lots of people would like to know about.  Perhaps you could make an amazing YouTube video and then write an ebook about it. Sell it onlne.

4. Get paid by patrons 

Start a YouTube channel of entertaining videos. Use to get people pay you a small amount each time they watch one of your YouTube videos. The Patreon home page says, “Thousands of creators make more than $25,000 each year on Patreon.”

Watch the sample video below.  The Nerdwriter has 2142 patrons and earns $3622 per video.

5. Corporate sponsorship

Start a YouTube channel and get a significant number of views. You can either simply contact brands and ask them to sponsor you or go to a site like Famebit.  They link up creators and brands.

Below is a YouTube video created to promote Canon.

Some companies simply pay good communicators to talk about their products in their successful YouTube videos. Case in point is Evan TubeHD. Evan earns over a million a year reviewing toys.

6. Google AdSense

These are Google ads on YouTube.  The ONLY time you make any money on these is when visitors engage with the ad.  That may mean watching an ad for the full 30 seconds.

Some people make a very good living from Google Adsense ads on their YouTube videos.  Other people make videos for a fairly small niche and could NEVER make a significant amount of money. You should have a video with 1000 views per day before starting to use Google AdSense.

Watch this video before you think any more about Google AdSense.

If you’ve watched the above video & think you are ready to use Google AdSense, watch this how-to video.

7. Licensing content 

If you have some especially entertaining video content, you may be able to license it to companies to use in their advertising.

Corresponding YouTube video

The video below gives a quick overview of the 7 YouTube monetization methods.


Lesson 6 homework

  1. Choose the YouTube monetization technique above to which you can best relate.
  2. Create an original YouTube video that matches that technique.
  3. Make sure that you do such a good job of working with the video that it looks like there is a chance of making money with it.

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